Carol McCarthy - 15/07/2010

Dear Tanya,

Just to let you know that I am very very happy with my eyebrows once again. They are at last the thickness and shape that I have always wanted them to be and it makes me feel pleased every time I look in the mirror and see them.

After plucking them severely when I was thirteen years old I was happy with them whilst the fashion for thin eyebrows was in. After about ten years I started to have big regrets, but thought I was stuck with the look. I first attempted semi permanent make up about eight years ago with someone else, but it was not successful at all and after two weeks did not look as if I had ever had it done.

Then I was recommended to you and decided to give it one last try! Success at last, the eyebrows I had wished for, which lasted very well for two years and did not even really need touching up, but I decided that I am ready to have them a little bit thicker, which is how they are now and I am delighted.

If anybody wishes to contact me to discuss any worries they may have you have my authority to give them my phone number.

With many thanks from a very satisfied Carol McCarthy.

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