Liz Tunbridge Wells. UK - 06/07/2015

Dear Tanya,

"I have always had good shaped eyebrows and had noticed that over time (I'm 52 now) they were starting to thin at the ends leaving me with a thick brow near my nose and tailing off towards the end. I felt that this aged me and the "frame" of my face was broken. I did take a long time to decide to ask Tanya to have a look and really thought that perhaps they were not "bad" enough to bother doing anything about it.

But Tanya drew in the eyebrows that she proposed I should have and I went ahead with the treatment. I am so thrilled with the results. Even when I'm not wearing make up now my face seems more "complete" and whilst no one has specifically noticed what I've done, I'm getting a lot of compliments about looking good. I think people can't quite put their finger on it, which is exactly the result I wanted. It looks very natural and my mother told me the other day, very proudly, that I have beautiful eyebrows. Praise indeed!"  

See you soon

Liz xx


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