Andrea - 13/12/2011

Hi Tanya

I’m so excited to see my eyeliner again – I look like I’m wearing makeup and my boyfriend actually said “you look so pretty” last night, only one day after the treatment....something he doesn’t say lightly, and pretty fantastic considering the swelling wasn’t even gone yet.  


Also wonderful is the repair to my eyebrows, after I (regrettably) had them done elsewhere.  The dark grey “slugs” someone else gave me are gone and the camouflage colour you chose looks like a blondish brow – even though that’s just to get it back to neutral, it’s already a huge improvement.    I’m back to the natural look that I was hoping for, which is ultimately the most beautiful option on anyone, and I’m looking forward to the final re-color in two weeks to enhance my actual brunette brows.


Thanks again for your artistic work and keen eye to detail, it’s always much appreciated.


See you soon,

Best wishes


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