Hair Follicle Replication Technique for Men

Before and after procedure

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‘At last an alternative to expensive and high-risk hair transplant procedures’


With hair transplants costing anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000 (depending on the area to be covered, £1,000 being for 1 sq inch) it is not a viable option for most men.

 When taking into consideration the risks associated with these procedures, which can range from infections of the hair follicles, inflammation of the scalp and crucially the possibility of the transplant not taking at all (there are no guarantees!) it is a high-risk, visually obvious (therefore embarrassing) and expensive option.

When you combine the excessive financial implications and the potential hazards involved - and without forgetting that the transplanted hair will be harvested from where your hair may be more abundant! - the critical question is “can this be the only option for men suffering from hair loss, or is there a more cost effective alternative with less risk?”

Tanya of Ashley Taylor Permanent Makeup, a skilled permanent makeup artist, who has been successfully delivering permanent makeup solutions to her clients for over thirteen years in the UK and on the Costa Blanca in Spain, has a less invasive and less expensive solution which can give the recipient a restored hairline and restored confidence, quickly, and without the potential issues associated with a hair transplant.

The answer?

The ‘Hair Follicle Replication Technique’, utilising the Nouveau Contour Permanent makeup (PMU) system; this equipment is considered by top PMU artists to be the most advanced and safest system available today.

Tanya uses the system, combined of course with her years of training and experience to match as closely as possible her clients’ existing hair colours, texture and direction of growth (giving a 3D effect) whilst following and reinstating their original hairline, and therefore giving the impression of a full head of hair.

What is it?

PMU is a micro-pigmentation process (similar to tattooing but only penetrating the skin to the top layer, unlike tattooing which goes deeper into non-regenerative skin layers) this process camouflages the relevant area and blends it in to the surrounding area (be that hair or skin). The pigments used are pharmaceutical tested, natural and hypoallergenic. 

Who can the procedure be performed on?

This particular process works best for men with shaven heads (see picture) as the process duplicates the colour and shape of existing hair. Alternatively, if there is no existing hair Tanya will replace the complete hairline, using her years of cosmetic pigmenting experience, knowledge and understanding of skin and correct facial proportions.

What other conditions can it be used for?

Tanya has used this unique camouflage technique on a number of conditions and situations, from covering Alopecia, Lupus patches on men and women, replacing loss of eyebrows, hiding scar tissue after surgery and disguising birth marks, as well as camouflaging Vitiligo and more frequently repairing and covering up poor application of PMU by self-trained and inexperienced individuals.

Is it safe?

PMU is very safe, as long as an experienced and fully qualified PMU artist performs the procedure, and of course uses the best equipment available.

 To see Tanya’s excellent credentials and to read her many clients’ testimonials, click here:

Will it hurt?

Tanya uses sophisticated equipment that eliminates any distress.

The most you will feel is a slight tingling sensation; a mild topical (non invasive) anesthetic is used to limit this. The sensation has been described as a fast vibration, or as some of Tanya’s clients have described, it as similar to having their eyebrows plucked. Although this process may be a new sensation, it is not a very painful one.

Tanya will ensure that your treatment is as comfortable for you as possible, by briefing you, preparing you and guiding you through the process.

How long will the procedures last?

This will be dependent on how well the client looks after the area that has received the Follicle Replication Procedure; it can be from eighteen months to three years or more. This will be determined by the client taking simple steps to protect their investment, this ranges from restricting the amount of exposure to sunlight, using high factor sunscreen on the scalp, not excessively washing with harsh shampoos, and avoiding too much exposure to chlorine. This will all be explained in detail during the initial consultation. 

What will it cost?

This is a difficult question to answer without a consultation, as it will depend on the amount of area to be covered, and the different colours that may be needed (i.e. replicating a ‘salt and pepper’ effect). This will be assessed at the initial face-to-face meeting stage. But you can be assured that the cost will be far, far less than transplant procedures.

To give you an example a 1 sq inch of transplanted hair can cost anywhere between *£1,000 to £3,000 depending on the company that you use. For a one colour follicle pigmentation procedure for the same area this would be around £350 giving you a saving of anywhere between 60% - 90%!

* This was the cheapest price we could find, through our research as of the 20/02/2015

What is the next step?

For an initial discussion and to arrange a consultation please contact Tanya:

In the UK  (+44) 07970 061 580

In Spain    (+34) 635 931 784


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