Camouflage with Permanent Make up


If you have a scar of any type (surgery, accident, etc.), it can be covered with flesh tone a permanent cosmetic pigment to minimize the appearance of the scar.

The two questions Tanya is often asked are:

A. Who would benefit from cosmetic camouflage?

B. How is the procedure carried out?

Many of Tanya’s clients feel their natural appearance has been diminished as a result of burns, illness, accidents or surgical trauma.

There are two types of skin pigmentation issues:

Hypo-pigmentation: A “whitening” of the skin due to a loss of or decrease in the production of melanin in the skin, can be the result of trauma such as blisters, burns, dog bites, plastic and reconstructive surgery, mole or skin cancer removal, etc. It is also very common for facelift scars to hypopigment, or become white. Using a precise hand piece, Tanya camouflages hypopigmented (white) scars with permanent make up by implanting custom-matched, flesh-colored pigment directly into the scar.  In the case of hypopigmented scars does not remove the scar, nor is it a 100% cure, but it does allow the damaged tissue to blend-in with surrounding skin.

Hyper-pigmentation: A “darkening” of the skin due to an increase in the skin’s production of melanin, is the exact opposite of hypo-pigmentation. Individuals with hyper-pigmentation will NOT benefit from scar camouflage services.

Scar Camouflage For Cosmetic Surgery Patients  

Patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift and/or breast augmentation surgery are often left with white visible scars along the side of the face and in the case of breast augmentation surgery, around the areola. Using her permanent cosmetic expertise Tanya has had tremendous success in camouflaging these types of scars.

Hair Follicle Replication 

Hair follicle replication (HFR) is the art of implanting single needle dots of pigment into the scalp to camouflage scars and/or replicate the appearance of having a shaved head. Men who suffer from male-patterned baldness can benefit from this service, as well as men and women who have thinning hair. HFR is also extremely effective in camouflaging scars on the scalp of men who have undergone hair transplant surgery. Tanya´s technique with this permanent make up procedure has proven to be very successful as the pigment is skillfully implanted by hand resulting in a very natural look.

Nipple-Areola Tattooing

This post mastectomy or surgery pigment treatment can make your breast look more natural and lessen the color of the scar. We can also darken the nipple color if you wish.

 For further information on the above treatments please contact Tanya for an initial consultation

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