Permanent Make Up with Tanya Ashley Taylor

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 Is this you?

 Early morning starts...Whether it’s to get the kids to school on time

 Or a day in the office with that all important meeting

 Or the gym...The majority of women want to look their best 24/7.

Finding time to put on your make-up is one thing you could well do without first thing in the morning and then reapplying it during your busy day!  All this wouldn't be so bad if you hadn't spent half an hour the night before taking it all off!

So, here lies the solution – permanent make up with Tanya Ashley Taylor.  Tanya is a professionally qualified Nouveau Contour therapist and with her permanent cosmetic expertise you could never have to apply make-up again.  The only question is - what will you do with all the time it will save?

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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent make-up is a process of cosmetic tattooing of pharmaceutical grade pigments, which have been developed under strict guidelines. This is done using a highly intelligent, purposefully designed machine that ensures the highest level of safety during the treatment with amazing results.

Pigments are implanted into the second layer of your skin. This results in a wonderful shadow of colour that looks like perfectly applied make-up. 

This combined with a thoroughly trained therapist - Tanya Ashley Taylor, who has undergone an in-depth training programme with accredited testing by Nouveau Contour.

Tanya will guide you through the process step by step. This ensures that before and after your permanent make-up treatment you will feel confident of receiving the best care and a new look that will be the envy of your friends.

What are the benefits of permanent makeup?

  • It allows you to "get up and go" no make up to apply
  • You will always look your best
  • It enhances your natural look
  • It gives you a more youthful appearance 
  • It gives you more time to do the things you want
  • No more "smudged" make up when swimming, running or working out
  • No more allergic reactions to cosmetics
  • Your make up is always positioned perfectly
  • It takes away the challenge of putting on makeup (correctly) when wearing glasses
  • Your holiday time is spent on the important things rather than hours in front of the mirror
  • You will have less frustrated partners!
  • No more lipstick marks on your cloths or others!
  • You can go straight to bed without having to remove make up

Will it be right for me?

Before any enhancement takes place you will have a thorough consultation with Tanya, who will advise you on how the procedures will be performed. She will carry out a "patch" test to ensure you are not allergic to any of the products (this very rarely happens, as the products are all natural and hypo-allergenic and have passed stringent laboratory tests).

Tanya encourages her prospective clients to discuss their permanent make up treatment with their family and friends and also contact some of her previous customers before committing to their treatment.

Will it hurt?

It's no more painful than having your brows plucked with tweezers. Tanya uses sophisticated equipment that eliminates any distress.

The most you will feel is a slight tingling sensation, a mild anesthetic is used to limit this. The sensation has been described as a fast vibration. Although this may be a new sensation, it is not a painful one.

Again, if you require clarification of this, Tanya will happily give you a number of her previous customers and salons for you to contact for further reassurance. 

How long does it last?

Permanent cosmetics are exactly as they sound - permanent! Over the years the colour may fade, but don't worry, you can simply have a top up every year to 18 months which makes them look as good as new.

Can it be used for anything else?

The answer is yes. Permanent cosmetics are used for paramedical work. They are ideal for replicating realistic nipples onto reconstructured breasts after a mastectomy or covering scars, harelips or even correction of existing procedures.


It can also be used for follicle replication for bald men. For further details of this procedure Click here 

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